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Bracelets of Victory

Apart from the powers bestowed upon by different Gods, Wonder Woman also possesses a stock of deadly martial weapons. ‘Bracelets of Victory’ are one of them.

Normally she tries to avoid combat and solve the problem using reasoning but when she has no other option, she takes up to war.

Wonder Woman uses the bracelets of victory only against equal opponents.It was a custom in Amazons to wear bracelets as a symbol of their past enslavement to a Greek demigod Hercules.

Amazons turn outrageous if they lose their bracelets. ‘The Silver Bracelets of Victory’ of Wonder Woman are special bulletproof magic bracelets which were created out of the remains of ‘the Aegis’ the legendary shield of the War Goddess Athena. The shield ‘Aegis’ was impenetrable and indestructible and it was originally made out of the skin of Amalthea, a great goat who used to feed Zeus – the father God, when he was an infant.

Once Cronus, Zeus’s father, broke that shield - Aegis into pieces. So Athena requested Hephaestus, the God of technology, blacksmiths and metal craftsmen to make two bracelets out of the remnants of that shield. She decided that she will gift those bracelets to a champion. The bracelets were awarded to Wonder Woman by Athena because she found her to be a champion and the worthiest Amazon.

These unbreakable bracelets serve as protective armor to Wonder Woman. Diana uses the bracelets to block punches, blades and other weapons. The bracelets of victory can absorb the impact of enemy attacks, multi vector attacks and deflect and reflect bullets and energy blasts. They can also produce weapon-fire and blasts of energy out of them. If Diana slams the magic bracelets together, a wave of force will be created which can even make the superman bleed and at the same time a big impenetrable shield will be formed to protect Diana. Zeus’s energy can be channeled through the bracelets.

All these powers were present in the shield this bracelet was made from and this energy was unlocked in bracelets for the use of Wonder Woman by Zeus.

What was Wonder Woman's bracelets used for?

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